The Moped Diaries Day 11 “I’m Dying”

Rising with the morning sun I met my surfing instructor up the road from the hostel. Januari or John Wayne, was living the dream local surf life. Long wavy black hair, super laid paid, picking up local and tourist girls alike. He tore through the streets with a confidence and a familiarity, and I was right on his tail. We swerved through oncoming traffic and bounced onto sidewalks to get around backups. We took turns down narrow alleys skipping past street lights and tail lights. We rolled onto the beach front and parked our two bikes around the hundreds had already made the haphazard journey to the beach.

Instead of hitting the waves right away we sat down and ate breakfast and drank coffee. The food was the same fare from last night, only slightly warmer and slightly less of it. It gave me the boost I needed to throw myself into the cool surf and fight agaist the waves. Januari and I kicked it and relaxed talking about surfing and the usual repeat travel conversation. We had no stress and worries, just laid back and relaxed. I had heard from other beginners that if I was standing on the board by the end of a two hour session. I was standing up within five minutes. Now not to say I was surfing, but I was able to make it from wave to beach most of the time. Just swimming around the ocean, floating in the waves and talking. Catching a good wave for a few seconds then swimming out again. Far more relaxed at this basic level then snowboarding that’s for sure. I ended up spending nearly four hours out there, twice the time I paid for. By the end of it I was exhausted, sunburned, and vowing to come out and rent a board again tomorrow.

The rest of the day was spent down by the pool, reading and chatting with all the friend stateside. Eventually Emily from Ubud was to make it down here and we were going to go out for dinner. So, once she rolled into town I took to the streets again. At first I suggested the local Balinese place but she vetoed that, to much Balinese food already. The closer I got to her hostel the more thankful I became of that decision.

We grabbed some burgers from a cool little place that was run by French-Australian kids who had been born in Bali. They were some energetic down to earth guys and the food was delicious. A decent burger like that has the power to almost take me right home to America in a few bites. Catching up with Emily was also fantastic. I had sent her on the same journey that I made north out of Denpasar on day onetwo and three, only she had condensed it into less then two days.  We compared our tales and reminisced over how amazing Bali was. We were both leaving in the next few days so this was the end. For all of that I was in absolute misery. The food from the night before or this mornings breakfast finally was making a come back kicking and screaming. I went through a few religious experiences before gathering the strength to drive Emily back to her hostel.

She doped me up on medication and sent me off into the night. I joked as I swung out of the drive about being sick on the way home laughing and waving down the street. Then the real journey began. I was in a half delusional, pain ridden state as I navigated through the dark streets of Canggu. I pulled over a few times to “check my map” and ready myself for the rest of the journey home. I stumbled into my hostel after nearly 30 minutes and collapsed into my bed. I drained half a bottle of water, took some pills out of my med-kit, and passed out hoping that it wasn’t rabies.


Distance Traveled Today — 42.9 Kilometers

Total Distance Traveled — 584.9 Kilometers


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